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A Report Of Connected Events: branded content film by PostPanic

A Report Of Connected Events: branded content film by PostPanic

On behalf of Liberty Global, PostPanic produced the branded content film A Report Of Connected Events, which was written and directed by the Dutch Mischa Rozema. Celebrating the power of storytelling, the film was commissioned by Nuna9. Filmed in Paris, the piece explores iconic moments in film and television history, blurring the lines between our reality and some of our favorite stories. 

Rozema: "We decided we wanted to create an ode to story telling from the start. Storytelling is something I’m very passionate about so this immediately became a very personal project for me. I’m a firm believer in the power of stories. They define who you are as a person. They can teach, warn, change your view and let you experience your full emotional scale in ways reality rarely can. More over, we actually all end up being a story ourselves. Life would be very boring without them.

With all the creative freedom we were granted, I wanted to create a genuine cinematic and emotional experience. I looked to actively engage the viewer with contemporary visual stories, which are imbedded in our collective psyches."

Rozema: "I chose Paris to disorientate the viewer. Most of the depicted films and tv series are anglo-american by origin. I looked to create a different vibe. We even added lots of references to asian tv and cinema throughout the city to accomplish that. We are transported to a world in one city. An alternate reality. A place where stories can come to life. 

This is a film all about references, most of them being my personal favourites. However, they also had to be visually interesting, fitting the main narrative, and we needed a good variation in genres. In this way, it almost becomes a fun game. We’ve made some references really obvious and others quite hard to find. I think only few people will get them all!


Directed by Mischa Rozema | Director of Photography: Menno Mans NSC | Music by: Justin Lockey & Ben Lukas Boysen, courtesy of Erased Tapes Music Publishing Ltd | Commissioned by: Liberty Global | Commissioning Producer, on behalf of Liberty Global: Nuna9 | Production Company: PostPanic | Music Supervision by Mischa Rozema and AMP. Amsterdam | All Foley, Sounddesign, Recording and Mixing by AMP. Amsterdam | Edit by Mischa Rozema | Grading by Laurens Orij, Crabsalad | Line Production (Paris) by Be Light Films | Post Production by PostPanic 


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