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[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Content is king

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Content is king

As marketers, advertisers and media companies look at innovative ways of packaging and disseminating content to a critical mass, they are exploring and embracing technologies and partnership to drive that agenda with impressive results.

This trend was better captured recently by global communication powerhouse WPP that partnered with Microsoft Corp. to transform creative content production, beginning with the launch of Cloud Studio, an innovative cloud platform that allows creative teams from across WPP’s global network to produce campaigns for clients from any location around the world.

Cloud Studio is the advertising industry’s first bespoke platform for virtual production that arms creatives with the technology to collaborate and create impactful work for clients, moving content creation, production and editing out of on-premises environments and into the cloud.

In the coming three years, WPP will roll out Cloud Studio to 5,000 employees across its network, notably within WPP’s creative production operation Hogarth, giving them the ability to access production tools and services from standard internet-connected devices via Azure without the need for traditional hardware or physical equipment.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, markerters have embraced new content production plans according to a new report by Dentsu.

Dubbed  “2021: The Year of Brand Consistency, Efficiency and Agility, the report reviews the current content production landscape, and the growing importance of creativity, efficiency and consistency when brand building. It discusses the changing landscape, the consolidation of resources and the limitations on visibility and control with the increased need for speed and relevance when using content to build brands.

The survey found that over three-quarters of marketers have experienced a change in their content production requirements in 2020/21, with a similar proportion recognising the difficulty in responding to cultural events within an effective timeline. 

To inform the report, Dentsu conducted a survey across 200 marketing decision-makers in the UK and US.

Despite its ubiquity, the use of personal data in advertising to target campaigns according to demographics has become a discriminatory practice.

The advertising industry takes a person’s gender, age, and ethnicity, to decide, on the individual’s behalf, what messages they receive, all while making false assumptions and vast generalizations about their identity.

VICE Media Group has therefore taken a stand to say this archaic practice is unethical and is a diminishing and shallow way of grouping human beings. And while demographics account for the lion’s share of audience targeting, research has shown that the practice is also less effective.

Independent case studies have found that contextual data helped clients exceed return on ad-supported goals by 289%, and reduced cost per acquisition across display ads by 2.5x. With the cookie finally crumbling, VICE Media Group is calling upon its advertisers to reconsider the discriminatory practice, and instead capitalize on a community-driven approach that targets people’s passions, interests and values.

AdGreen has unveiled a Resources Guide which will give ad production teams an easily digestible handbook on how to start their journey towards net-zero.

To keep the resources, tools and training free at point of use, a voluntary levy is being introduced for advertisers to contribute a small percentage of production cost estimates towards AdGreen’s operational costs.

This, as it announced that it was also launching a carbon calculator in September and will be free at the point of use for all in the UK advertising industry.

The tool, which is bespoke to the industry and has been designed with support from those who will be using it, will ensure advertising agencies, production companies and service companies are able to collaboratively measure the carbon impact of their projects and to identify the highest carbon producing activities.

Elsewhere, Digital advertising and marketing services company S4Capital has announced a combination between Raccoon Group and MightyHive, which significantly expands the capabilities of its data & digital media practice in Latin America.

Off the back of strong quarter one 2021 growth, gross profit or net revenue up 33% like-for-like, the Company is now in a position to implement even faster its strategy of creating a new age/new era advertising and marketing services model and deploy its digital capabilities even more effectively on a global basis.

And in adapting to the new norm, Digital agency Dept is collaborating with Rotterdam Festivals and entertainment agency Tribe Company to create a groundbreaking virtual experience; the first of its kind in the Eurovision Song Contest history.

The custom-made 3D world will bring tens of thousands of visitors, who would normally have travelled to Rotterdam for the contest, a unique, virtual experience.

Fans from all over the globe can immerse themselves in the vibrancy of Eurovision without leaving the comfort of their sofas.

This, as Marvia, the software-as-a-service(SaaS) platform that specializes in solutions for local marketing automation announced it had opened North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Among its over 80.000 users in 89 countries are global brands like Domino’s Pizza, ZEISS, Doctors of the World and Toyota.

In the PR space, The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) welcomed global consultancy, Curzon PR, as its latest member.

Curzon PR is a globally-focused public relations and marketing communications consultancy specialising in strategy at the nexus of developed and growth markets. It provides government, corporate and cultural clients with insights that transcend borders, and harnesses the power of communications to effectively build, promote and protect reputations.

In Australia Starcom Sydney has announced the promotion of Rebecca Ho to the new role of Head of Investment, effective immediately.

Moving from her current position as Group Investment Director, Ho will lead the agency’s investment product, working closely with media partners to drive maximum value for clients and leveraging the scale and clout of Publicis Media's global investment practice, PMX.  She will report into National Head of HX Partnerships, Mark Duffy, and support Sydney MD, Nancy Lan.

Elsewhere In collaboration with The Body Shop, AGE Media is developing three special campaigns aimed at making a positive contribution to the world. As in previous years, AGE Media stands as a trusted partner to The Body Shop in their influencer marketing in 2021.

The first campaign focuses on Self-love. Campaigns focused on Empowerment and Body Positivity will follow later this year.

As a part of the Self-love campaign, The Body Shop supports the MIND Korrelatie helpline.


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