[Column] Dion Holla: Welcome to the future, SIZZER's favourite AI-tools

[Column] Dion Holla: Welcome to the future, SIZZER's favourite AI-tools

We’re embracing AI at Sizzer and we thought we’d fill you in on just how we’re doing that so that you can embrace it along with us. So without further AI-do (AI writes our jokes too) here are the three tools making our lives a little easier.


Want to know who might be a good musical fit for your latest campaign, look no further than Chartmetric. Chartmetric simplifies tracking social media engagement, streaming data, and other metrics for individual artists and songs by gathering them all in one platform. This means up-to-date analysis of a plethora of different artists as well as a great way to find ones you that might not be on your radar.


Our research departments favourite is Cyanite is an AI-powered music tagging, search, and discovery platform. The company provides automated music analysis, search features, and visualizations to help clients better organize, find, and leverage their music catalogs. What does that mean - well give it a try. In it’s simplest iteration you simply type the name of a song, or upload it , and voila Cyanite will analyse it and come up with others that are similar. We’ve been using this to great effect with our own music library, the Sizzer Vault, enabling us to song match from our own catalogue with songs that are high quality and easily placeable. It’s a great, time-giving tool, which when used in combination with our very own RI (research intelligence) provides spot on results.


The emergence of new AI tools not only helps our production team stay on top of deadlines, but also presents even more experimental and creative options that push our team to produce “outside of the box” ideas. Vocal synthesis AI, like Musicfy, works by altering a pre-recorded voice sample to what the producer needs - such as vocal enhancement by refining pitch, timing, and timbre - or it can entirely change the voice to imitate a celebrity! This kind of tool enables our composers and producers to write and record lead melodies for a wide range of singers, and to switch between vocal styles with the push of a button. We are also using this software to analyse tracks and generate harmonies to accompany and complement the human vocal. Now it is possible to try out even more ideas for toplines in a streamlined way! Our producers are collaborating with AI to make cutting edge vocals that can be tailored fit to any project.


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