Emilio de Haan verlaat HERC en Ace

Emilio de Haan verlaat HERC en Ace

Emilio de Haan verlaat HERC en Ace. In 2018 richtte hij het reclamebureau op en was ruim zes jaar Creative Partner. In 2021 werd HERC overgenomen door Ace.

Emilo over zijn vertrek:

The End Of An Era

After six amazing years, I'm saying goodbye to HERC, that I co-founded with Rogier de Bruin and Niels Heimens where I experienced the most beautiful creative adventures. From creating culture with A$AP Ferg for Redline ,to shooting with a face mask on in Paris for Tony's Chocolonely, to helping out KLABU. From the first presentation for HP to being nominated for and or winning awards for brands like G-Star and Tony’s, YoungCapital, Jobbird and Lidl. Starting with just three people in a temporary space to being bought by Ace. Damn, what a ride.

And now it's time for something new. HERC is integrating into ACE. My old partner Rogier de Bruin is really building something beautiful with ACE. I see this as the perfect opportunity to explore new horizons in my professional journey. I'm driven by a passion for autonomy and a desire to create unique and diverse/inclusive cultures, and I'm eager to see where this path takes me.

I am incredibly grateful for the adventure, all the amazing and talented people of HERC, Rogier IJzermans for entrepreneurship together, the clients, and the (international) work we have created together with them. Most of all, I am grateful to have built an agency that truly stood for something. And that also embodied it. We were our own planet where, coincidentally, advertising with a passion for culture, community and society was made. HERC is like the world as I prefer to see it: diverse, inclusive, and with its own strong creative signature.

And If we managed to change the Dutch creative industry a bit by making it more diverse, well that makes me a proud man. But the battle continues.

Where my new path will lead is not yet 100% certain. If you have an amazing project coming up, hey, you can always give me a call.

But there's a good chance that I will build something new with the lessons learned from HERC and ACE.

Again, thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. HERC will always hold a special place in my heart.

We make it rain in the club and we make it drizzle in the daycare
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