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[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Kerrie Finch (2) podcast

[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Kerrie Finch (2)

Marketing Report is live in Cannes, speaking to key players in the market every day. Today we welcome in our studio Kerrie Finch, Cannes Lions Country Representatieve for NL.

Kerrie Finch: ''There's no but with diversity. Diversity and inclusion and equality is always central to everything that I think everybody should do. There's been a lot of young people that are students and they are in the Palais and they re asking questions and they re really lovely. They come over and they complement me on the sessions and they're very curious and they're very present, they listen, and they hang around and I think its fantastic and I'm really seeing the Cannes Lions in particularly seems to be making a huge effort to bring them into the fold so that we're educating them next generation earlier and earlier.'' 

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