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[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Rizz Wangalachi (Ogilvy Africa) podcast

[Marketing Report Cannes] Interview with Rizz Wangalachi (Ogilvy Africa)

Marketing Report is live in Cannes, speaking to key players in the market every day. Today we welcome in our studio Rizz Wangalachi, Creative Director at Ogilvy Africa.

Rizz Wangalachi: ''It is certainly a very exciting feeling to be the first out of Kenya but I think more important for me is that Kenya is very well known as a sporting country especially in the marathon, and we've got endless winners coming out of that area. But what you don't know is that it is now also potential for having endless creative art professionals coming from that department too, because we're taking the same winning mentality and bringing it into the creative space.''

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