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Mohi, Ankorstore, Breeze, OneFor en Turff winnaars Startup Competitie Cross Media Congres 2021 nieuws

Mohi, Ankorstore, Breeze, OneFor en Turff winnaars Startup Competitie Cross Media Congres 2021

Mohi, Ankorstore, Breeze, OneFor en Turff zijn de winnaars van de Startup Competitie van het Cross Media Congres 2021.

Zij spreken en presenteren zich op het Cross Media Congres 2021 op dinsdag 14 september  in de Kromhouthal Amsterdam.

De winnnaars

Mohi is a Slow Media platform providing the digital Marie Kondo experience. Mohi helps to de-clutter your digital life and find content recommendations from people you trust.

We live in a world with an abundance of information. The movie ‘Social Dilemma’ shows how we are constantly bombarded with new options and triggers controlling how we spend our time. If we continue to spend our days merely consuming random experiences, we will continue to feel like a scattered consumer. Mohi wants to encourage inspiring content recommendations within your inner circle to spark the mind and strengthen relationships by sharing these content experiences…

Read our interview with Mohi co-founder Wibe van de Vijver here


is an online B2B marketplace that connects local, independent retailers and successful brands and manufacturers all over Europe. Ankorstore offers a platform that allows brands to reach a stable sales market they haven’t been able to reach before, with potential to scale to new geographical regions.

To independent retailers, Ankorstore offers a marketplace to quickly and easily find and buy unique products in quantities that suit their local needs.

Read our interview with Ankorstore Co-Founder Nicolas d’Audiffret here

is an online dating app for offline dates. At Breeze, you only get a handful of the best matching profiles each day. When matched, there is no endless chatting, but users fill in a datepicker and the date is organised through the app at one of our partnered date locations. Right now we organise over a 1000 dates per month.

Breeze  was founded by Marsha Goei, Marco van der Woude, Thomas Oomens, Thomas van der Pas, Daan Alkemade, Philip van den Heuvel and Joris van Doorninck.

We were all students at the TU Delft and know each other through our studies and extracurricular activities. We found each other in our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Our philosophy back then? Team over ideas. We started with a team of hard working ambitious students with a diverse skill set. We didn’t know what we would build when we started and invalidated quite some ideas before Breeze came up…

Read our interview with Breeze Co-founder Marsha Goei here


OneFor is a Pan-European start-up fintech enterprise that offers various mobile money applications and technical services, including account, payment and card services. Its card solution is supported by Mastercard International.

OneFor transforms remittances and individual transactions into moments of connection for customers, creating shared experiences, and increasing financial inclusion that bolsters economic development.

The startup was started by Marco Abele and Ilir Aliu. Both founders have an extended banking career.

Marco Abele is a digital innovator and FinTech entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the banking sector having served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Credit Suisse.

Read our interview with OneFor Co-Founder Marco Abele here


is a Dutch startup that runs a software platform for financial management of consumables. Expenses in student houses, associations and canteens are tracked on a free tablet . Advertisements are then shown on the screen as a screen saver.

Cost management of FMCG in associations, sports clubs, and student households can be quite a hassle. People often use pen and paper to keep track of consumptions, leading to frequent mistakes and limited overview.

Turff solves this problem with a digital alternative. A dedicated tablet is used to manage all consumables while an online dashboard provides real-time insight into stock and expenses. The entire system is provided for free, as ads are shown as screensavers. Therefore we have simultaneously created the very first digital-in-home advertising platform.

Read our interview with Turff Cop-Founder Henry Tang here

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