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Ocean Outdoor brings 3D Space Invaders to Europe nieuws

Ocean Outdoor brings 3D Space Invaders to Europe

To celebrate 45 years since the original game’s release, the Space Invadors return, this time from a whole new dimension while turning the real world into a playground.

Ocean's DeepScreen technique

Ocean Outdoor brings the fight to Europe using its large format digital screens in nine cities as portals to trigger AR battles in Amsterdam (Leidseplein), Copenhagen (Field’s shopping mall), Glasgow (St Enoch), Helsinki (Redi shopping centre), London (both Canary Wharf and Westfield London), Leeds (Trinity Mall), Newcastle (Eldon Square) Oslo (Bus Terminal) and Stockholm (Sergel Hub).
Created by Ocean Studio, the artwork features 3D Space Invaders using Ocean's DeepScreen technique that travel through portals to float in front of the screens. Using the ARCore Geospatial API and the Streetscape Geometry API, TAITO’s game is an interactive experience combining AR and 3D gameplay that adapts to players’ locations, nearby landmarks, time and weather.

3D gameplay

To defend their cities, players simply download the mobile game for Android or iOS using a QR code on Ocean screens. As the Earth’s top pilots they must then use their spaceship’s advanced technology to travel between dimensions and defend the planet from the Invaders.
Matthieu Lorrain, Global Head of Creative Innovation at Google Labs: "With Space Invadors: World Defense, we're evolving a 45-year-old legend for a new era. This game transforms your world into a fun-filled playground, fusing beloved nostalgia with groundbreaking technology, powered by Google’s Geospatial API. Get ready for an epic experience, right in your neighbourhood!"

Catherine Morgan, Managing Director Ocean Labs: "TAITO’s modern revival of its 70s arcade classic delivers a unique immersive experience, connecting multi-generations of players in New York, across Europe and Japan. Our streets and skylines are its new dimension, making Ocean’s DOOH screens the ideal portals to connect the physical and digital worlds."

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Ocean Outdoor breidt uit in Utrecht met groot scherm en totems

22-09-2023 | 09:26:36
Met een groot scherm van vijftien vierkante meter en twaalf digitale totems breidt Ocean Outdoor haar netwerk uit in Shoppingcenter Overvecht in Utrecht.

Ocean Outdoor verlengt partnership met NOC*NSF tot 2032

18-09-2023 | 11:22:00
Ocean wil met deze relatie graag bijdragen aan de ambitie van NOC*NSF om Nederland het sportiefste land ter wereld te laten worden.

Ocean Outdoor biedt Always On-netwerk aan

31-08-2023 | 16:46:00
Always On, het classic roadside netwerk van Ocean Outdoor, streeft naar constante en langdurige zichtbaarheid van merken het hele jaar door

[SHOWREEL!] Ocean Outdoor

10-08-2023 | 12:31:00
Ocean Outdoor Nederland is marktleider in Digital Out-of-Home, de snelstgroeiende specialisatie in Out-of-Home (OOH). Met een landelijk netwerk van 195 locaties en 335 schermen bereiken wij dagelijks meer dan 20 miljoen contacten. Partnerships met verschillende datapartijen zorgen ervoor dat adverteerders op de juiste momenten de juiste doelgroepen kunnen bereiken

Ocean Outdoor Nederland onthult The Skywall in Westfield Mall

07-08-2023 | 10:22:00
Westfield Mall of the Netherlands heeft zich snel gevestigd als dé bestemming voor winkelen, entertainment en gastronomische ervaringen


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