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[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Global ad spending defies pandemic to record historic growth
23-06-2021 | 12:45:00
As the global economy recovers from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, key sectors are bouncing back with numerous reports highlighting that while this will be a recovery year, there are signs that some sectors could record post pandemic growth rates.
[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Advancing partnerships across content, advertising and marketing
26-05-2021 | 10:17:53
With increased competition in the media, marketing, PR and advertising space and evolving consumer demands, agencies and corporates are looking at new and innovative ways to stay afloat while looking at ways of meeting market needs with partnerships becoming an all too common strategy.
[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Tapping technology to bolster efficiency
05-05-2021 | 09:36:50
The role of technology across various industries from media, advertising and marketing remains pivotal as companies increasingly invest in digital campaigns, online solutions and partnerships.
Nielsen to integrate out of home viewing into national TV measurement
14-07-2020 | 11:39:27
Nielsen is planning to go ahead with the integration of out-of-home TV viewing into the national TV currency measurement starting in September 2020, as originally planned.
[Onderzoek] Nielsen: Groei supermarktomzet zwakt af naar +8,4 procent in de week 23/2020
12-06-2020 | 15:19:18
De omzet van de supermarkten voor de week die eindigde op 7 juni 2020 steeg met 8,4 procent op jaarbasis, dat is een daling van de groei ten opzichte van voorgaande weken. Dit blijkt uit de Nielsen Netherlands Supermarkt Forecast 2020
Nielsen introduces gaming tech for shopper research solutions
12-06-2020 | 12:13:02
Nielsen is betting on SmartStore, SmartShelf and SmartShopper to bring the latest in extreme reality and gaming technology to the forefront of shopper research.
Univision joins Nielen's Addressable TV Platform
13-05-2020 | 13:18:51
US-based Hispanic media company Univision Communications Inc. has joined Nielsen’s Addressable TV platform beta program.
Nielsen Global Connect, 1010data partnership targets retailers and manufacturers
30-04-2020 | 12:56:00
Nielsen Global Connect and 1010data have unveiled a new initiative that will allow them develop and commercialize solutions targeting retailers and manufacturers.
Nielsen, Scripps enter measurement services deal
15-04-2020 | 08:49:04
Nielsen and E.W. Scripps Company have entered into a multi-year agreement which will see Nielsen provide a comprehensive suite of measurement services for the Scripps local television stations.
[Onderzoek] Nielsen: grootste stijging mediabestedingen in vijf jaar
09-07-2019 | 12:26:10
De netto mediabestedingen in Nederland zijn in 2018 met 3,2 procent toegenomen tot 4,53 miljard euro. Online advertising was net als in andere jaren verantwoordelijk voor het grootste deel van de groei, de andere mediumtypen volgden op afstand

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