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Bisbrick ontvangt strategische investering van ihomer

30-06-2022 | 09:30:44
Bisbrick, een bedrijf dat een low-codeplatform voor het creëren van interactie met B2B-klanten aanbiedt, heeft een strategische investering ontvangen van ihomer, dat actief is op het gebied van home-shoring van applicatieontwikkeling en -onderhoud

[eMarketer] Apple could launch a subscription for its iPhones this year

30-03-2022 | 17:44:00
Apple is working on offering a subscription service for its hardware, including its iPhone models, per Bloomberg.

Perplex & Frontis bundelen hun krachten

28-01-2022 | 13:10:00
De Nederlandse digitale full-service bureaus Perplex uit Arnhem en Frontis uit Varsseveld bundelen hun krachten en gaan samen. Het gezamenlijke bureau wil als full-service partner die zowel op het gebied van strategie, marketing, design, development, data en content hoogwaardige oplossingen bieden

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Emerging technologies inspire new content marketing trends

20-01-2022 | 07:59:11
New age technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing are inspiring new trends that are supporting the content marketing market.

Dutch personal travel assistant startup Origin raises over $5m funding for special, convenient travel experience

20-01-2022 | 07:53:56
Origin is a membership travel company that creates completely individual, personalized trips. Origin uses the knowledge of human travel experts and then powers their trip curation with machine learning in one app.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: UN picks top small businesses investing in “Good Food for All”

28-07-2021 | 12:45:00
Fifty small- and medium-sized enterprises around the world have been announced as the Best Small Businesses of the “Good Food for All” competition, held in conjunction with the UN Food Systems Summit.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Global ad spending defies pandemic to record historic growth

23-06-2021 | 12:45:00
As the global economy recovers from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, key sectors are bouncing back with numerous reports highlighting that while this will be a recovery year, there are signs that some sectors could record post pandemic growth rates.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Advancing partnerships across content, advertising and marketing

26-05-2021 | 10:17:53
With increased competition in the media, marketing, PR and advertising space and evolving consumer demands, agencies and corporates are looking at new and innovative ways to stay afloat while looking at ways of meeting market needs with partnerships becoming an all too common strategy.

[eMarketer] US telecoms dump media businesses for 5G

21-05-2021 | 13:47:19
In what points to the next frontier for competition and battle for customers, US telecoms are pivoting from traditional media business to investment in expanding their 5G network foothold.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Brands, agencies invest in diversity, inclusion and equity

19-05-2021 | 15:39:02
Global brands, media, marketing and advertising agencies, alive to the growing call to champion inclusion, equity and diversity are investing in new strategies, partnerships and businesses in in unprecedented ways.

[eMarketer] China’s strategy to dominate the next generation of internet

17-05-2021 | 09:30:45
As internet technologies evolve and global superpowers compete to exert dominance in that space, there have been spirited efforts and investments to achieve that goal.

[eMarketer] Digital video ad spending overtakes TV ad outlays in Canada

13-05-2021 | 09:23:58
Digital video ad spending in Canada reached a new milestone in 2020 when it overtook TV ad outlays for the first time.

4NG neemt Netvlies over

10-05-2021 | 08:50:00
Digitaal bureau 4NG neemt Netvlies over, specialist op het gebied van end-to-end digitale oplossingen. Naast hun technologische kennis op het gebied van Drupal, WordPress, Symfony en Sylius voegt 4NG met Netvlies ook strategische kennis en marketing-ervaring toe aan het aanbod

[eMarketer] Connected TV has become a frontrunner in digital advertising

07-05-2021 | 08:54:02
Investment in Connected TV, CTV, in US rose by 40.6 per cent year on year in 2020 to reach over 9 billion with this growth expected to be sustained this year to hit $13.41 billion, before growing more than double by 2025 according to a forecast by eMarketer.

[eMarketer] Paypal outlines global growth strategy

06-05-2021 | 09:35:33
Global payment behemoth Paypal has announced a raft of strategies it intends to roll out as it seeks to grow its foothold in US and worldwide.

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Tapping technology to bolster efficiency

05-05-2021 | 09:36:50
The role of technology across various industries from media, advertising and marketing remains pivotal as companies increasingly invest in digital campaigns, online solutions and partnerships.

Marco Ophof Head of Sales bij Incentro

30-04-2021 | 16:29:00
Marco Ophof werkt sinds 1 mei 2021 als Head of Sales bij Incentro. Na werkzaam geweest te zijn bij Essence als Account Lead en bij Lukkien als Director Sales & Strategy zal hij zich bij Incentro richten op de verdere professionalisering van New Business & Sales

[Free Webinar] Why these Dutch companies outsource their IT to Africa

28-04-2021 | 10:35:00
In The Netherlands there is a growing scarcity of IT professionals, limiting opportunities for businesses. With the current COVID-19 crisis, many people are working remotely, making it less of an issue working with a distributed team of IT professionals

[Marketing Week] Bob Koigi: Brands invest in sustainability and green projects

19-04-2021 | 14:45:00
Brands are increasingly investing in green projects and sustainability as they seek to cut down on emmissions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Logitech G audio-oplossingen voor Oculus Quest 2 nu verkrijgbaar in Europa

25-03-2021 | 13:28:00
Logitech G, een merk van Logitech, innovator op het gebied van gamingtechnologieën en -uitrustingen, kondigt aan dat de Oculus Ready immersieve audio-oplossingen voor Oculus Quest 2 verkrijgbaar zijn in heel Europa

Heleen Crielaard Group Marketing Director bij Incentro

17-03-2021 | 11:07:00
Per 1 maart is Heleen Crielaard begonnen als Group Marketing Director bij Incentro. Incentro is een hard groeiende digitale dienstverlener die organisaties helpt bij hun digitale transformatie


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