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[Vacancy] ACE Productions has a position for Motion Designer vacatures

[Vacancy] ACE Productions has a position for Motion Designer

ACE Productions is directly looking for a:

Motion Designer · Amsterdam

Welcome to ACE, a young and savvy network made for the new world. We work at the intersection of culture and technology for the brands of tomorrow. ACE is a house of 250 experts, 12 agencies, 3 offices, 1 mindset. We spark conversations with exciting ideas, energized by curiosity, and the desire to create memorable work people actually give a s**t about. We pioneer forward, learn as we go, and in reaching our collective goals we never forget to enjoy the ride. Let’s make waves together! 

The job:

As a Motion Graphic Designer you'll be part of ACE Productions, an in-house production studio that supports all the ACE labels on high-end content production. Together with a team of producers, editors, photographers and a broad network of curated creators you’ll work for A-league brands. ACE Productions is located in Club ACE in the Amsterdam Houthavens. A unique club that brings together colleagues, clients and the creative community with an ongoing program to connect, inspire and celebrate.


  • Experience: Min. 4 years of (agency) experience as a motion designer;
  • Creativity: The ability to conceive innovative and original visual concepts that capture attention and are engaging;
  • Technical Skills: Proficient and skilled with one or more of the following or other tools and software options for motion graphics: Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects), Cinema 4D, Mocha, Blender, Moho (Anime Studio), Maya, Nuke, and Spark AR;
  • Motion: Creating smooth and appealing movements and transitions for animated elements. This includes the use of animation techniques such as VFX, crafting, keyframing, easing, timing, and kinetic principles;
  • Storytelling: Conveying a story or message through animated imagery and moving graphic elements. This involves understanding the target audience and effectively conveying the desired message;
  • Graphic Design: Strong graphic design skills to create visually appealing content that can effectively communicate a marketing message while being aesthetically pleasing;
  • Video Editing: Knowledge of video editing tools and techniques to edit, combine, and optimize videos;
  • Trend Awareness: Staying updated and relevant by following the latest developments in motion graphics and design. Being engaged with AI and its developments/possibilities is a plus.


What we offer: 

  • A challenging position with opportunity to learn, develop, grow and build;
  • An amazing working environment at Club Ace with a stunning view of the Houthavens and fantastic lunch and coffee;
  • Position for 32-40 hours per week;
  • Good home working arrangement and resources to work optimally from home;
  • Paid parental leave;
  • 100% travel allowance (based on public transport);
  • Good pension plan;
  • 27 vacation days.


Do you qualify and are interested in this position? Apply here.

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