VENGEAN creates handcrafted branding for BITE of Amsterdam: Love at first bite

VENGEAN creates handcrafted branding for BITE of Amsterdam: Love at first bite

The first-ever BITE of Amsterdam - a production and new brand of ONA - kicked off last weekend with a bang! Creative branding agency VENGEAN is responsible for Bite's branding from Brand Strategy to Visual Identity and Communication Concept and it was love at first bite. This brand new food festival attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, who gather to tantalize their taste buds with the best cuisine Dutch top chefs have to offer.

Just like the culinary creations at BITE of Amsterdam, where every dish is a handcrafted masterpiece, VENGEAN's visual identity perfectly reflects the festival's artisanal spirit. A vibrant visual identity and communication concept that brings food and drink to life with artistic, hand-drawn strokes. VENGEAN's hand-drawn illustrations strategically capture the essence of these culinary works of art, showcasing the passion and creativity that goes into every bite, for many Bites to come.

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