VENGEAN helps Patagonia King Salmon achieve global growth

VENGEAN helps Patagonia King Salmon achieve global growth

Creative agency VENGEAN is proud to share that their client, Patagonia King Salmon (PKS), is experiencing significant growth and global recognition in the seafood industry. Together, they are proving that sustainability does not have to come at the expense of taste, with a land-farmed salmon that boasts incredible flavor. A strategically planned international Social and PR-campaign underpins the spread of PKS' story of success.

"Omakase" at San Restaurant, Rio de Janeiro

Another highlight in PKS' PR-offensive, is the event that took place at renowned San Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Michelin star awarded chef André Kawai showcasing his creative talent with an "Omakase" – a tradition in which the chef sets the menu and theme for the evening. The event was hosted by San Restaurant and PKS' new distribution partner Frescatto Company. A select audience of seafood connoisseurs indulged in the exquisite flavors of PKS' superlative salmon. Rich in Omega-3 acids and uniquely suited to high-end cuisine with its buttery flavor, soft yet firm texture and distinguishing pink color, Patagonia King Salmon has solidified its reputation as a superior choice for high-end cuisine.

Miguel Leiva, Commercial and Operations Manager at PKS: "We are proud to announce our partnership with Frescatto to bring this exclusive fish to high-end restaurants and prominent chefs in Brazil. Its perfect flavor and texture are already reputed to be out of this world."

Pioneering through forward farming

Hans den Bieman and Oscar Garate, the visionaries behind PKS, saw the increasing pressure on natural salmon habitats and the salmon fishing industry. A direct result of climate change and the ever increasing demand for quality fish protein. In response, they pioneered a more environmentally friendly approach by farming Patagonia King Salmon on land in an advanced recirculation aquaculture system. After six years of research and an initial investment of about USD 20 million, Patagonia King Salmon celebrated its first full harvest. The company has since attracted additional investment and expanded operations. In 2024, PKS produced 110 metric tons and aims to increase production to 340 metric tons in 2025.

Hans den Bieman describes their approach as forward farming, a commitment to producing top-quality fish with minimal environmental impact. This dedication has earned PKS the Seafood Watch Best Choice designation from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Energised by VENGEAN

Branding has been a crucial ingredient in Patagonia King Salmon’s rise to fame. From Brand Strategy to Brand Story, -Theme, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging Design and omnichannel Communications Concept, VENGEAN has been a devoted partner, sharing in PKS founders; relentless drive and enthusiasm to create this "NASA of fish" for the world to enjoy, while reducing the impact on the oceans and safeguarding its pristine Patagonian habitat for generations to come. The creative agency is excited to be part of whatever the future holds in store for this already legendary brand.

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