[Onderzoek] The difference between content on Facebook and Google

[Onderzoek] The difference between content on Facebook and Google

11-07-2018 11:36:00 | Door: Marianna Beets | hits: 1920 | Tags:

ContentWriters latest white paper tackles the longstanding issue of differentiating between pay-per-click advertising on Facebook and Google.

Each platform generates billions of dollars of revenue for their respective companies, however, marketers have struggled to understand the fundamental differences in what type of content belongs on which platform.

Francesco Montesanto, Director of Marketing ContentWriter: "On the surface, AdWords and Facebook seem almost exactly alike. But when you dive into how each platform serves ads, the audiences, and where each platform lies in the consumer decision journey, you realize they could not be more different.”

Content consumption and placement are two areas where the platforms are diametrically opposed to one another. With Facebook, businesses need to create ads that flow seamlessly in newsfeeds, whereas AdWords ads will already fit in with the content on the rest of the page.

In AdWords, if an ad shows up, it’s going to show up alongside other similar ads. Conversely, if an ad shows up on a Facebook feed, it will show up amidst unrelated content such as links from other pages a user follows are activity from their friends.

These characteristic differences are just some examples of why content creation has perplexed marketers and why ContentWriters’ new white paper will serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals.

The white paper can be downloaded for free here.


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