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[Column] Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten: Sit on the ledge and enjoy the view

[Column] Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten: Sit on the ledge and enjoy the view

Every once in a while you'll reach a milestone, make a good deal, or have an opportunity to celebrate an anniversary. Oftentimes we'll ignore that moment, as it feels complacent to celebrate our successes. After all, "the journey is the reward" and so we push on and don't look back.

We all do it, so apparently, it comes naturally, but there are very good reasons not to move on, and take a moment.

The most basic metaphor for achieving anything is climbing a mountain. Now imagine you are doing just that, and you come to a ledge. The mountain is very steep, and the ledge is just narrow enough for you to sit on, but barely. Your instinct tells you to move on. The top of the mountain is still very far away, and you're still full of energy. Why stop?

Do stop. You might not need the rest, but pausing for a moment is not a sign of weakness. The moment you sit and take in the view you allow yourself to put things in perspective. You can see how far you've come. You can see where you are on the mountain. You can look at the horizon, feel the wind, estimate the weather conditions and the time of day. You can also appreciate what you've done so far, and enjoy the steps you still have to take to get to the top.

If you want to enjoy the journey you need to find the ledges and sit your ass down. It isn't just about celebrating or taking a break. If you truly believe the journey is the reward, you need these moments to appreciate the path you take.

Take a moment now to see what the next ledge is in your journey. Make a mental note. Make a real note. Mark your calendar. Then turn around, relax for a minute, and enjoy the view.

You've earned it and it is worth it.


Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten is een serial internet entrepreneur en is oprichter en eigenaar van The Next Web, een techmediabedrijf dat zich focust op Generation T; de generatie met een groeiende interesse in technologie. Voor The Next Web schrijft Boris wekelijks een blog die tevens wordt gepubliceerd op Marketing Report.


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