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[Kaizen] Influencer marketing is ineffective for brands' online ranking

[Kaizen] Influencer marketing is ineffective for brands' online ranking

Influencer marketing has risen to the forefront in recent years, particularly when harnessed with live video trends on social channels. Many brands have looked to influencers to promote their products in a seemingly natural way, that comes across as a genuine recommendation, and it had proved to be a much cheaper marketing strategy than PPC or Advertising.

  • According to Influencer Marketing Hub, there were nearly thirteen million brand-sponsored posts on Instagram in 2017 alone.  
  • Hiscox has even rolled out influencer and public figure protection insurance.

However, a new study from Kaizen reveals that if brands want to use influencers as a form of content marketing, to move further up search rankings, influencers are the worst way to spend their budget.

Comparing content from the travel sector on factors like URL Ratings, the number of Referring Domains and the number of Social Shares, the study revealed the best form of content for visible results to be interactive content.

Whether or not influencers can boost brand awareness, companies are beginning to consider whether the huge budget needed for influencers can pay off for their site ranking as well.

Even on social shares, where influencers are generally hoped to excel, the reliability of success was eight points lower. And among successful pieces the number of shares was likely to be much lower, averaging only 151.8 as opposed to 1384.7 of other content formats.

  • Interactive content gained an average of 4136 social shares.
  • Influencer posts gained an average of 151.8 social shares.
  • Non-influencer posts gained an average of 1384.7 social shares.
  • Videos gained an average of 1221.5 social shares.

They also compared different forms of content on their URL rating and number of referring domains, to discover the best type of content marketing for brands to invest in. 

You can see the full study here.


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